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Sunday, 29-Oct-2006 15:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Open House of Apartment 59, Farranlea Hall

First pose yang kitorang buat for our raya picture
Aiyyo! Ni rr pose yang paling gedik rase nye. Btul x Aju? ^_-
The lucky picture. Hehehee
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Hello again!

This time is the open house we made for our batch along with some 'special' guests Sorry to those yang tak dapat dijemput, insya Allah tahun depan turn korang lak

Ok, let the slide show begin!

Saturday, 28-Oct-2006 13:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Majlis Eid 2006-2007

Afiqah & I. Cute kan? ^_^
Residents of Apt 59.From left: Me,Nad,Aju,Aina,Pja
At the beginning of majlis...
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Huaa...lepas kena sound dengan kak seha, baru rr tau betapa lame nyer orang tak update fotopages Heheh, thank you kak seha cos tolong remindkan orang pasal fotopages nih.

Well, frankly speaking... nothing much happens. So, today's entry is the eid party 2006-2007, held on 28 Oct 2006 at Wilton Hall

Enjoy lads!

Sunday, 22-Oct-2006 13:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Ice Breaking 2006-2007

With K Yuli & her daughter, Syakira
From left: Yopit, Faterm, Feesha, Ilya, & Yusma posing sakan
The girls are quite pumped up for the contest ^_^
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Erm... this is an event for welcoming the first years However, it also the first gathering that were planned since semester started. Everybody is pretty excited to see old faces & friends since summer.

Sume orang kena pakai name-tags & also kena kumpul dalam kumpulan masing-masing Ade pertandingan buat nasi goreng for guys and buat desert for gals. Truthfully, I just ran from entering the competition

Ehem...anyways, group 1 win the competition. But it doesn't matter, all the food were gone in the end.

All in all, it's a funny gathering. Glad to see almost everyone is committed in the competition.

Thursday, 29-Dec-2005 07:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
2005 Christmas Holiday - Portugal Trip

Dido, Mona, & I at Bristol Airport waiting for Portugal's flight
Yea, we've arrived! & so the trip begins...
Amily, me, & Maya share the luxurious & ensuite room
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Sori guys, dah lama tak update my fotopages. I almost forgot I had fotopages, actually. Hehehee...

Ok, this christmas I went to Portugal. It was really fun. Portugal is hot, like Malaysia at 10 am. I get to meet new friends too. It's been fun, guys. Hope you all enjoy these pictures before New Year come!


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